How To Own the Cowgirl Position

Hey all ya’ll Freaky ladies 🙂

Today’s post is all about nailing the cowgirl (woman on top) position!

Cowgirl is an easy position to get down to a T. I hear this question a lot ; “HOW do you ride your man?” Now I’ve researched this question using google , checked out some of the answers on yahoo! Answers, and all the answers given were vague or incomplete, so I thought I’d help make it clearer for those who want to try this position but can’t because they don’t know how.

How to get into this position:

    *Firstly: make sure both you and your partner are sufficiently aroused. If he is still limp, the bending will make it difficult for you to get him inside, and if you’re still dry it’ll be uncomfortable.

    * Secondly: get into a comfortable straddling position, whether you want to kneel over him, or squat on him with your knees up infront of you and your feet flat on the bed , make sure you are comfortable and have freedom to move your hips, as this will be the vital point for this position.

    * Third: Get him inside you, raise your pelvis, get a hold of his member and position it outside your entrance. It helps a bit to get the tip of his shaft wet by rubbing it against yourself before you lower yourself on to him.

So at this point you have him inside of you and the rest becomes obvious.
The great thing about this position is that you can control the pace and the depth of the penetration, so you can have to exact type of sex that you want (How awesome is that??)

There are quite a few variations as to the position. The position that mainly changes is that of the man, you can try out these variations:

    The man sitting upright so that your chests are touching or almost touching.

    You can try it in reverse with your man laying down flat.( The same entry steps but with you facing his feet)

Now let’s get down to the movement;
Most women find this to be the most satisfying position as they control their own pace and can adjust it accordingly when they need to achieve climax. This position is also very satisfying to a man simply because even though they don’t admit it much, they love it when women take charge in the bedroom.

While straddling him, there are quite a few movements you can do to create friction. You can rotate your hips in spirals or rock back and forth, or you can bounce up and down on it (be careful not to bounce too high as bending his penis could cause serious injury or simply just kill the mood) or you could do a combination of all of the above. Don’t be worried about doing all the work, if you get tired ask your man to put his hands on your waist and assist your movements (this gives him some sense of control too..)

This position is also great for intimacy as it opens up space for eye contact , you can kiss his neck, nibble on his ear lobe as you ride. He also has access to your lips, breasts and neck.

Another great thing about this position is you have access to your clitoris. You can stimulate this while you ride to intensify your pleasure.
This position, like any of my favourites can be done roughly ( with the assistance of your man, by him trusting back, and having a grip on your waist to allow deeper strokes), or it can be soft and sensual, you taking long deep strokes, or making slow circles while kissing him on the lips, ear or neck.

Now as far as the man’s pleasure goes, he will enjoy this position very much for the following reasons:

    •getting to watch you work it for him.
    • Watching you play with yourself is a turn on for him .
    •this is generally a position that allows for deep penetration, and however you move , it will feel good for him.

The first time I let myself go at this position with only pleasuring him on my mind, it was so good that neither of us knew what to do with our hands. The secret to this position is having fun.

So there you have it.
Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Keep Freakin’
The Freak


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